Korea Bio-Economy Research Center: Innovating Data into Strategy and Business

  • KoreaBIO (Korea Biotechnology Industry Organization) founded Korea Bio-Economy Research Center (KBERC) as a future Think-Tank for developing biotechnology industry and bio-economy in Korea.

    KBERC strives to establish the sustainable growth of Bio-Economy and the ecosystem through innovating high-quality data into creative strategy.

    Furthermore, we help biotechnology industry in Korea to develop into the leading industry and to play a central role by networking among Korea, China, and Japan in global biotech age to consolidate our position as a global bio-economy think-tank of Korea.

    Thank you.

Major activities

  • Data Innovation and Publication of Report/Brief
    • Bio-Economy Brief
    •   :  Trend brief on global biotech R&D, market, economy, etc.

    • Bio-Economy Report
    •   :  In-depth issue and strategy report on global biotech R&D, market, economy, etc.

    • Smart Bio-Economy System
    •   :  Data collection and analysis system for bio-industry and bio-economy.

  • Global Business Development
    • To Establish Korea-China-Japan Bio-Economy Initiative
    •   :  Comparative analysis of Biotechnology market among Korea, China, and Japan, Open Bio-Economy Innovation Seminar

    • To Participate International Biotech Industry Conferences
    •   :  BIO International Convention (USA), BioJapan, etc.

    • Build-up of partnership and Open joint-forum (Embassies in Korea, IP & Science, etc.)

    • To Consult a Biotech Business Development for Developing Countries

  • Bio-Economy Research
    • To measure global bio-economy innovation ranking

    • To measure optimal investment simulation

    • To simulate the effects of policy alternatives

Organization Chart

Organization Chart

Data Innovation Team

  • To produce informative data by collecting and analyzing various bio-data

Global Business Team

  • To provide platform for global networking and business opportunities through build-up of Korea-China-Japan bio-economy innovation initiative

Advisory Board

  • High-level experts group for consulting Korea Bio-Economy Research Center’s activities

Experts Group

  • External group of experts participating in Korea Bio-Economy Research Center’s activities including Bio-Economy Report/Brief and global business development

Introduction of Analysts

Introduction of Analysts